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The SEAS Model for Successful Social Entrepreneurship

There are many well-intentioned, high-potential non-profits and other social organizations. Many have not yet achieved their ideal goals and full potential, but have the capability to do so. With the right strategic guidance, they can adjust and scale their model to have a major impact on millions of people. We work with a small number of very high-potential organizations to build highly scalable operational models, in order to maximize their impact.

We focus on organizations committed to and capable of achieving world-changing, evidence-based outcomes.  We and the organizations we work with have a commitment to excellence, including understanding local needs and contexts, high quality service delivery, and continuous improvement.  Transparency and accountability, including performance measurement and independent evaluations, are essential.

Scalability and effectiveness must take place at a reasonable cost. Particularly in an era of increasingly tight government and nonprofit resources, proposed solutions must be affordable.  Also, in order to serve low-income communities effectively, local research, careful listening, assumption-questioning, practical creativity, and pilot projects are required.

Increasingly, effective social entrepreneurship will depend on approaches that do not require continued donor or investor funding after the start-up phase.  Edunuity prevents dependency by helping social organizations create a viable path to sustainably funded success.

SEAS Model - Scalable Effective Affordable Self-Funding

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