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Empowering Social Entrepreneurship

SEAS Change: Empowering Social Entrepreneurship to Empower 100M+ by 2030

Edunuity is dedicated to working with other organizations to develop and implement practical, innovative breakthroughs to address some of the world’s biggest social challenges. Edunuity serves as a social innovation catalyst to help envision and build support for change.

Our goal is to empower over 100 million people by 2030 to significantly improve their lives through innovative, education-based SEAS social entrepreneurial solutions.

We developed the SEAS Change strategy as a systematic, versatile “change theory” for successful social entrepreneurship on a global scale. To achieve major changes at lower income levels, social solutions should be super-scalable, extremely effective, affordable for all, and sustainably self-funding.

Edunuity - Dedicated To Empowering Social Entrepreneurship

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