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Edunuity (pronounced EDUcation & ingeNUITY) is an energized group of social entrepreneurs dedicated to developing and implementing practical innovative breakthroughs to address some of the world’s biggest social challenges. Our focus is on empowering at least 100 million lower income individuals worldwide by 2030 to meet their needs and improve their lives, especially in the US and developing countries.

The Edunuity approach typically involves using education, in the broadest sense of the word, as part of the solution. We believe that education and social entrepreneurship should empower others to meet their own needs and improve their own lives, including becoming financially independent.

Edunuity solutions may include: educational software and services; social marketing and communications campaigns; partnering; social enterprises including micro-franchising; and/or self-funding and investment strategies.

We develop and nurture partnerships with non-profits/NGOs, other social entrepreneurs, foundations, governments, corporations, and other organizations to help them dramatically improve existing efforts. Where effective organizations do not exist, we work with visionary people and groups to create them.

Please see the Services and Projects sections for more details.

We believe that we can achieve the biggest impact by focusing on the following key “SEAS” strategies:

SEAS Model - Scalable Effective Affordable Self-Funding

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