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At Edunuity, we believe that our skills and experience are best applied in three main ways:

Tipping Point Campaigns
For many local, state, national, and global challenges, success can only be achieved by coordinating the efforts of multiple groups to create breakthroughs for dramatic change. We can partner with you to define and implement a strategy that combines the strengths of each organization to achieve a common goal and impact millions of people.

SEAS Consulting
We work, typically pro bono, with a small number of both early stage and more mature social organizations that demonstrate potential to significantly impact the lives of millions. Using the SEAS model, we help you define and implement a scalable plan to maximize your effectiveness, affordability, and self-funding opportunities.

Launching Start-ups
When there are no existing organizations to tackle a particular social challenge, we will work with others to conceive, plan and launch a start-up.

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