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Scott Turner Edunuity Healthy Future ArizonaScott Turner founded the nonprofit organization Edunuity in 2010.  Edunuity (pronounced as in edu-cation with inge-nuity) advocates for education and health policies throughout the lifespan.  Edunuity has led the development of the Healthy Future Arizona plan, and co-founded the nonprofit organization, Healthy Future US—both launching officially in 2018.  Scott serves as President & CEO of Healthy Future US.  Scott also serves on the state leadership team of the nonprofit Empower Youth Health Program.

Scott worked with Arizona Health & Physical Education and Arizona Citizens for the Arts on the successful campaign to add physical, health & arts education indicators into the Arizona state A-F school grading formula.  He continues to work with them and the State Board of Education on defining, piloting and eventually implementing those indicators statewide.  Scott also works closely with Arizonans for Recess, Arizona Health & Physical Education and many other organizations working to increase physical activity and recess time in Arizona elementary schools. 

Edunuity’s initial focus is on dramatically improving K-12 physical and health education and physical activity at schools, as an essential foundation for lifelong health—now through Healthy Future US.  Scott is always pointing out, how essential schools are to prevent the root causes of inactivity and unhealthy nutrition.  There is no viable alternative, in order to finally reverse the preventable diabetes, obesity, and other chronic epidemics plaguing our families and country.

Scott is a successful business entrepreneur, who is now using his experience, skills, and resources as a full-time, pro bono “social entrepreneur”—giving back to his home state of Arizona, his country, and the global community.

Scott has substantial experience in developing breakthrough innovations, key partnerships, business and strategic plans, management teams, and start-ups.  He is now using that background to develop evidence-based “win-win” partnerships between schools and health organizations.  The health sector invests in more effective physical and nutrition education—resulting in healthier children and families, rapid payback, and high ROI.   Schools receive much needed new money, and develop more active healthier students, which improves academic achievement and student engagement.  A healthier population is critical to making future K-12 state funding more sustainable.

Scott has worked as an executive in the educational services and information and communications technology sectors—where strategic partnerships were often critical for success. He has also served as a consultant in a wide range of industries, both with Bain and independently. In addition to working in general management as CEO, Scott has served in a variety of functional areas—ranging from marketing, business development and strategic planning to human resources and finance.

Scott has worked with large companies such as AT&T and Motorola, as well as a number of small technology and education start-ups. He co-founded a higher education company, whose regionally accredited university dramatically lowered tuition costs to make quality postsecondary education more affordable, through a variety of innovative practices. Scott holds two patents. He has raised over $15 million in venture financing with over 20x return on investment, including an IPO.

Scott has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He is fluent in three languages, and has a working knowledge of several others.

Education & Research

Scott’s education includes a BA History magna cum laude from Amherst College, followed by a teaching fellowship in France administered under the Fulbright Program. He later graduated with a MBA from Stanford, where he focused on strategy, marketing, international business, and entrepreneurship.

In recent years, Scott earned a MA Human Development and PhD Human and Organizational Systems at Fielding Graduate University, where he focused on education, public health, and social entrepreneurship—while increasingly investing his time in public policy advocacy.  His dissertation is entitled: Transformative Learning for Long-term Behavior Change: Preventing Childhood Obesity and Improving Health through In-school Curriculum-based Nutrition and Exercise Programs.

Scott’s research, including its innovative use of curriculum design theory, provides unique new insights into the long-term impact of health programs in schools.  His study shows the critical importance of sustained follow-through over many years K-12, in order for children to develop healthy habits.  The study also presents new evidence on the positive impact of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on academic performance—from students’ personal perspectives. 

His dissertation concludes with insights into how to develop a healthier society and economy, and thereby reduce escalating government, employer and individual spending on health care.  Scott has been invited to present his research at multiple health- and education-oriented conferences, and his research has also informed the development of the Healthy Future Arizona plan.

Memberships & Boards

Scott serves on the board of the Arizona Business and Education Coalition (ABEC). ABEC works on improving education in Arizona through partnerships between the business and school sectors. 

Scott also serves as a Partner and Director on the Arizona board of Social Venture Partners.  SVP has nearly 40 nonprofit member chapters in six different countries, and is also the creator of the Fast Pitch nonprofit grant competition.  Social Venture Partners uses a venture capital and management consulting approach, to identify and help high-potential nonprofits maximize their impact on the community, through a combination of grant money, volunteer time and professional expertise. 

For example, SVP partnered with Dr. Chad Gestson and Camelback High School for over 5 years, during the school’s successful cultural and academic turnaround—helping transform it from an inner city “dropout factory” into an increasingly higher performing public high school.   Dr. Gestson currently serves as Superintendent of Phoenix Union High School District, one of the largest in the country.

Scott is also a current or former member of Arizona Town Hall, AERA, ASCD, AMA, ASHA, CIES, SOPHE, and AZHPE/SHAPE America.

Scott is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and travels extensively in the US and internationally. He is married to Leslie, a violinist and violin teacher.  They have three sons, and are active in church.  Scott enjoys nature, hiking, travel, art, science, tennis, fly-fishing, and classical, “indie” and world music.

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