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Healthy Future US logoHealthy Future US is officially launching in 2018.

Healthy Future US is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to empower individuals to substantially improve their health, in the broadest sense–using school-based & other approaches to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Beginning with the Healthy Future Arizona plan, our vision is for Arizona to become the healthiest state–and for the USA to become the healthiest nation.  This includes reversing the diabetes, obesity, and other preventable chronic conditions epidemics, by addressing the main root causes–dramatically increasing whole-population physical activity & healthy nutrition.

Our key values include high-integrity/transparency/accountability, using approaches that are move-the-needle-systemic, practical + scalable, school-friendly, nonpartisan, ROI/hard-evidence-based, pay-for-performance/success, & sustainably self-funding; with a sense of urgency/emergency, in partnership, & in local/community/social context.

We define health in the broadest whole-person sense:  physical, cognitive, social-emotional, mental, financial, civic, creative, etc. 

We are results/ROI-oriented, hard-data-evidence-based, and insist on objectively quantified costs & outcomes;  measuring & delivering short- & long-term financial, public + private, socioeconomic & quality-of-life returns.

(Please see our latest slide deck for more details, as well as this list of research evidence references.)

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